YF High Efficiency Solar Panel Cleaning Brush industrial robot to clean the solar panels 3-4 hours work times

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The D31 product is a special cleaning equipment designed, developed and manufactured according to the special environment of my country’s photovoltaic power plants: it focuses on the rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station,agricultural greenhouse photovoltaic power station, and carport photovoltaic power station with a large layout area. The installation inclination is less than 10. should.

The remote control crawler photovoltaic cleaning robot focuses on solving the photovoltaic power station environment where people cannot stand or telescopic poles cannot be cleaned. For this, the robot can be used for remote control cleaning. This cleaning equipment is a special cleaning equipment designed.developed and manufactured according to the special environment of country’s photovoltaic power plants.

  • Working mode.: Remote operation
  • Application: Clean Solar Photovoltaic Panels
  • Function: PV Module Clean
  • Power supply mode: 33.6V20AH limithum battery
  • Work Time: 3-4hours
  • speed: 25~40m/min
  • Weight: Size
  • Size: 1240*980*300mm
  • Daily efficiency: 0.8-1.2MWp
  • Mode of operation: The motor drives the track
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