M10 380W All Black Mono Solar Panel

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Black frame Half- cut Technology can meet the color requirements of different customers.

High Efficiency Low LID Mono PERC with Half-cut Technology
Mono solar panel power YF380M10-40HB ,380W, 385W,390W,395W,400W新增

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Simply put, solar panel efficiency is referred to the ratio of peak power compared to the amount of sunlight that arrives at the solar cells of the module. In other words, the efficiency value that we can find on the datasheet of a solar panel represents the ability of the module to convert sunlight into electricity according to its size.
Choosing the most efficient solar panels guarantees that your PV system will have an outstanding performance because the best manufacturers produce the highest efficiency values of the solar industry.

Product Parameter

Mechanical Parameters  Working Conditions 
Cel(mm) Mono 156. 75x156.75 Maximum System Voltage DC 1000V(IEC/UL)
Weight(kg) 18.9 Operating Temp. -40°C ~ +85°C
Dimensions(L *W*H)(mm) 1683x996x35 Maximum Series Fuse(A) 20
Cable Length(mm) ≥300 Static loading 50400Pa
Cable cross section size(mm2) 4 Grounding conductivity <0.10
No. of cells and connections 120(6x20) NOCT 45+2C
No. of diodes 3 Application Class Class A
Packaging 30pcs per pallet Insulation Resistance ≥100MQ
180pcs per 20'GP    
780pcs per 40'"HC    
10-year Warranty for Materials and Processing
25-year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output.
Electrical Characteristics    Test Uncertainty For Pmax:土3%
Model Number LR6-60HPB- 295M LR6-60HPB- -300M LR6-60HPB- -305M LR6-60HPB -310M LR6-60HPB- -315M
Rated Maximum Power at STC(W) 295 218.5 300 222.3 305 225.9 310 229.6 315 233.4
Open Circuit Voltage(VocN) 39.6 36.9 39.8 37.1 40.1 37.4 40.3 37.7 40.6 37.9
Maximum Power
32.7 30.2 32.9 30.4 33.1 30.6 33.3 30.8 33.7 31.1
Short Circuit Current(Isc/A) 9.59 7.73 9.7 7.28 9.78 7.88 9.86 7.94 9.94 8.01
Maximum Power
9.03 7.24 9.13 7.32 9.21 7.38 9.3 7.46 9.36 7.5
Module Efficiency(nm/%) 17.6 17.9 18.2 18.5 18.8
Module Efficiency(nm/%) 0~ +5W
Temperature Cofficient of ISC +0.057%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax . 0.370%/9C
STC(Standard Testing Conditions);lrradiance 1000W/m ,Cell Temperature 25°C Spectra at AM1.5
NOCT(Nominal Operating Cell Temperature):lradiance 800W/mi .Ambient Temperature 20°C Spectra at AM1.5,Wind at 1m/S

Mechanical Parameter


I- V Curve


Application Project


Black frame Half- cut Technology can meet the color requirements of different customers.


Q1. What is the warranty for the solar panel?
A1: 10 years warranty
Q2. What is the terms of payment?
A2: T/T, L/C, western union, 30% for deposit, the balance 70% before shipment.
Q3. What is the delivery time?
A3: 3-15days after receiving payment.
Q4. What kind of certification do you have ?
A4: Our solar panels are approved by CE, SGS, ROHS, SONCAP, UL,VDE IEC,etc.

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