Breakthrough Again! UTMOLIGHT Sets A World Record for Perovskite Assembly Efficiency

A new breakthrough has been made in perovskite photovoltaic modules. UTMOLIGHT’s R&D team set a new world record for conversion efficiency of 18.2% in large-size perovskite pv modules of 300cm², which has been tested and certified by China Metrology Research Institute.
According to the data, UTMOLIGHT started research and development of perovskite industrialization technology in 2018 and was formally established in 2020. In just over two years, UTMOLIGHT has developed into a leading enterprise in the field of perovskite industrialization technology development.
In 2021, UTMOLIGHT successfully achieved a conversion efficiency of 20.5% on a 64cm² perovskite pv module, making UTMOLIGHT the first pv company in the industry to break the 20% conversion efficiency barrier and a milestone event in the development of perovskite technology.
Although the new record set this time is not as good as the previous record in conversion efficiency, it has achieved a leapfrog breakthrough in preparation area, which is also the key difficulty of perovskite batteries.
In the crystal growth process of perovskite cell, there will be different density, not neat, and there are pores between each other, which is difficult to ensure the efficiency. Therefore, many companies or laboratories can only produce small areas of perovskite pv modules, and once the area increases, the efficiency decreases significantly.
According to a February 5 article in ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, a team at Rome II University developed a small pv panel with an effective area of 192cm², also setting a new record for a device of this size. It is three times larger than the previous 64cm² unit, but its conversion efficiency has been reduced to 11.9 percent, showing the difficulty.
This is a new world record for a 300cm² module, which is undoubtedly a breakthrough, but there is still a long way to go compared to mature crystalline silicon solar modules.

Post time: Apr-12-2022